“A vote for JJJ is a wasted vote. He will soon be indicted and go to jail.” IF ELECTED, I WILL CAUCUS WITH THE DEMOCRATS.


It’s Time, Time to make that change, We are the people who can do it !

To All In The 2nd District,

I have just voted for our new future! I hope you all that yearn for a new congressman that will hear your concern like he/she is supposed to and then act on them and fight to get the job done.

You ask, am I the one? I believe I am. It is up to you to believe also. By faith Ladies & Gentlemen, A choice. I am a REAL CHOICE! VOTE FOR ME!

You are then voting for yourself. I am you and you are me in this together. Oh Yes! Let us do this and right this ship! All we have is this moment.

Let’s seize it. Let’s make it count with a big history making Victory!     Follow my example from the ballot above.


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